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The International Idols Wiki covers idols based outside of Japan that follow the Japanese concept of idols. This wiki's goal is to focus on these artists that would either not fit in other existing wikis or be forgotten in a too broad music wiki.
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NEKIRU releases its 3rd mini album: "E-mail from Pluto".

E-mail from Pluto

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Agency To Hermitage launches a new unit: IROPIRO


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SONOKI's 1st mini album, "Soko no Kimi ni", is now available digitally on streaming platforms.

Soko no Kimi ni

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X!DENT releases two concurrent singles, "KARMA" and "DYSTOPIA".


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Kurohika june9 2.jpg

Kurohika was a two-member live idol group from South Korea. They were active from May 5, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

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Lingling 03 nov21.jpg

Lingling (링링) is a South Korean singer, idol and former member of MERAMERAHEART.

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